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CoreOne is a fully independent provider of Business Solutions - backed by our partners and many years of development we have solutions that are in current use and always being updated to meet the continually changing demands of our customers.

In a world of cloud offerings, monthly fees and a sea of options it is a very confusing environment for a small/medium sized company who just wants some basic sevices to support their business. We are here to help and yes we do charge for this - why because in doing this we remain fully independent without a hidden adgenda to push one particular set of services or another.


Consultancybenefit from our experience

With decades of experience across a spectrum of industries and business we are well equipped to give you some solid practical advice.

What should you realistically expect, how much should you pay, what will you actually get and what do you really need. These are all questions from which the answers will help you to focus on what you should be looking for and how much you will expect to pay.

We can help you with web development (a website for you) more help and advise, utilising our telephony solutions and or BSS services - but that will be up to you to decide.


TelephonyScaleable telephony that grows with you

The fundamental and indespensible business tool which also says much about your company.

From a simple geographic number through to far more complex systems (virtual PBX) with multiple numbers, direct numbers to staff and queues we can handle it all.


Web Design & Webshop A silent sales tool

The world of today is far more connected and many businesses underestimate the power of a presence on the web - from just having basic contact information to more complex appointment booking or a webshop we can help to navigate you through the options or design and build your own unique site.

Yes sure you can sit down for a couple of hours with a free site builder but does it really present your business in it's best light and give your customers and potential customers the feeling that they want to use you?


Customer & Billing Professional Business systems at a fraction of the cost

This gets called lots of things and there are often hidden fees to use a module that you want or need. With CoreOne we have scaleable 'charge bands' so you will pay based upon your business size by the amount of users and customers & invoices.

At it's core our BSS (Business Support System) is based upon customers, invoices and payments. There are optional modules which available at no extra cost if you want to use them.

CoreOne Business Support System

CoreOne Systems is now bringing our experience from years of highly successful operation in Scandanavia to the UK.
The services are provided as modules which have been developed and built over years from our cloud based system meaning all you need is a web browser to use it.

Customer Administration
Record Customer details, add products and services for regular charging, view account history and record comments and contact points.

Billing & Payments
Issue invoices monthly or on-demand, send statements, record payments and if necessary generate reminder letters.

Module Options
Choose which if any of the optional modules you want to use. Modules include :- Accounting, Club membership, Vehicle Maintenance & Appointment/Calendar Bookings.

Cloud Hosted
Our system runs on servers in the 'cloud' so you do not need to download and software - you just need a web browser to access the system.


You are interested in our services and want to know what they will cost. Most providers for these sorts of services will hide away price information or require you to contact them for a quote, this is another area where we differ from others our prices are here for all to see.

Consultancy & Development

  • Hourly


    Using our consultancy or development services by the hourly. Where travel is required we charge at our hourly rate less 10% plus travel expenses.

  • Daily


    For longer commissions we will provide an estimate after an initial half-day consultancy.Where travel is required we charge at our hourly rate less 10% plus travel expenses.

BSS (Business Support System)

Licenses are per seat per month and subject to a 30 day notice of cancellation.

  • Starter





    50 Invoicesper month

  • SME





    150 Invoicesper month

Telephony Services

  • Fixed Basic


    Outgoing calls charged perminute


    30 daysnotice

  • Fixed Std


    Incl. 120minutes of callsto UK numbers*

    Up to 5Numbers

    Max. 3concurrentcalls

    30 daysnotice

  • IVR


    Up to 9Options

    Timed Responses.Currently Closed etc.

    Huntgroup & Voicemail

    30 daysnotice

  • Record Call



    Optional:Record all orpress to record

    Storage for45 days

    30 daysnotice

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We would love to hear from you. So please send us a message or call us and we can discuss our sevices and how we can help you.

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